Improving Your Curb Appeal to Sell Your House

House hunting can be a lot of fun, but attractive homes will always be the first to catch the eye of a potential buyer. Even the smallest details that stand out in a front lawn, can attract a buyer to look closer, and become curious of other details this house may have. Houses with no curb appeal, may cause buyers to drive by, and quickly forget about a house with a for sale sign… especially if people are tired… and have been searching all day.

A house that needs a face-lift should be a priority when planning to put it up for sale. Exterior remodeling or replacements are very important, as this is what will first attract a buyer to stop, and get information on the house. Entrances make first impressions, and can make people feel welcomed when they walk up to a beautiful front door. A good paint job, and window replacements, can do wonders for an old house. If replacing windows is not in the budget, work with what you have, and maybe a paint job are all they need.

Start with small projects that make a big difference such as trimming the bushes, mowing the lawn, and replacing an old mailbox. Other small projects may include sweeping the walkway up to the front door, replacing outer light bulbs that may be out, and making sure the doorbell rings. Garbage containers are an eye sore if they are full and dirty, so try to make sure they are not visible, or that they are neatly stored where they belong. You might even put a clean coat of paint on them…or wash them down. Also make sure you scoop up any dog poop laying around, and that no objects are out of place, in the front of the house, or piled up against the garage door, or carport. 

Give the front entrance the impression of a peaceful home, and maybe add a couple pots by the doorway with some fresh colorful flowers. A little touch that goes a long way and puts a smile on most lookers. Curb appeal makes a big difference when selling a house. A small investment, and a little time, can make all the difference for a curb appeal…and a For Sale sign!